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Songs and music from the Mediterranean

Konzert: Mai 2016, nachmittag

Gesang: Esther Knappe und Philmar

Guitar, saz, esraj, percussion: Philmar



Free entry




Mairie de Plan-les Ouates (Genf)



«Addio addio amore io vado via, Amara terra mia ...»

Love, sail, leave your land, come back, dream, resonate, dance, follow the sirens sing, enchant, drown,
revive, cry, laugh .... We will take you on a trip!

Philmar and Esther met in northern Switzerland, but it was the South, the Mediterranean, that called us to create this evening full of colors and emotions.


Esther: «The songs came to us and they have chosen us it seems. It was only after we started rehearsals that we realized they nearly all speak about the same topic: To leave your land and sometimes even your family, to go in search of a better life elsewhere. In former times many left the Mediterranean, today they land there ...

People leave, but their nostalgia and their love gives us back beautiful songs.»


Esther and Philmar communicate these contrasts with sincerity, authenticity and sometimes a touch of humor.

«I came out of this concert deeply touched concert and happy,» said a spectator. Bon voyage!

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