10 bis 15 August 2021 in Südfrankreich

im Centre Artistique Roy Hart

Malérargues (Cevennen, Südfrankreich)

Directed by  Esther Knappe & Gabriela Barrenechea


Dauer: 33 h (9.30–13h und 15–17h)

Preis: 495.- €

TeilnehmerInnen max: 12

Open to all ! (englisch/französisch)

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From body to breath, from breath to voice, from voice to singing - through space and silence, through imagination and emotion.
For you to find your body’s individual tonic balance, we will propose exercises of Eutony, a body practice that is based on the observation and awareness of our sensations. This will enable you to open up to the present moment allowing your voice to follow its intuition and sense of playfulness. Mornings: Work on the basic elements of 'Human Voice' with a particular focus on the link between voice and movement. Individual lessons in small groups will alternate with collectif sessions so you can discover the freedom, range and expressive potential of your singing voice. Afternoon: Exploration and improvisation based on vocal imaginary and world songs (with one or more voices, proposed and taught by the teachers). Now you can play with sounds, words, songs, and let also emerge spontaneous songs. Open to all, prior musical knowledge is not requisite



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